Basic Masterclass in Consulting Certification and Accreditation

Intermediate Masterclass in Consulting Certification and Accreditation

Advanced Masterclass
Consulting Certification and Accreditation

Consulting is a life time Top-Notch Professional Career (No Retirement) Consulting have become a very stretching leadership and management function. This is borne out of the increased complexities of organizations, new developments and challenges in the global business and organization environment.

Consulting serves as a strategic tool to effectively diagnose and proactively respond to challenges facing individuals and organizations. Is a tool that helps individuals and organizations to develop shared vision, integrate processes, develop blue prints, implement programs, manage changes and more.

Individuals and Organizations have the need to achieve competitive advantage, excel in service delivery and make a difference to their clientele.

They require appropriate values, skills and competencies to achieve these goals.

These are achievable through efficient and effective consulting

Consulting is an effective tool for honing values, skills, competencies, and for taking individuals and organizations to a higher level of performance as a strategic and competitive tool.

Those who handle the consulting functions must have competencies in consulting, coaching, training delivery, mentoring and learning transfer.

Leaders and Top Management Team have to effectively leverage on consulting to improve team work, shared values and sustained organizational performance.

Consultants at the senior and top levels must enjoy the respect of other managers through their competencies and disposition.

They have to effectively draw on the consulting functions to enhance the capability, effectiveness and performance of their organizations.

School of strategic management and business consulting programme is designed to enable participants acquire competencies and professionalism in consulting.

To provide further knowledge, skills, attitude and values which consultants need to competently perform their functions.

Course Content:

Basic Masterclass in Consulting Certification and Accreditation

Table of Content
1. Management Development Process, Training Functions and Responsibilities
2. How People Learn
3. Psychology of Adult Learning
4. Identification of Learning Needs
5. Setting Learning Objectives
6. Curriculum Design and Development
7. Effective Presentation Skills
8. Lecture Method
9. Discussion and Brainstorming Methods
10. Games Method
11. Case Study Method
12. Role Play Method
13. Training Proposal Writing
14. Training Budget Preparation and Control
15. Training Materials Development
16. Computer-Based Training
17. Training Administration
18. Training Programmes Evaluation
19. Transfer of Learning
20. Micro-Facilitation

Intermediate Masterclass in Consulting Certification and Accreditation 

Table of Content

1. Human Capital Development
2. Improving Organizational Capacity
3. Succession Planning as a Tool For Developing Managers
4. Trainer as a Consultant
5. Training and Change Management
6. Formulation of Training Policy
7. Developing and Writing Cases
8. Management of Specialised Training Programmes
9. Enhancing Trainers/ Facilitator Skills
10. E-Learning
11. Application of Emotional Intelligence in Training
12. Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring
13. Cost Benefit Analysis in Training
14. Developing and Writing of Role Play
15. Research in Training and Development
16. Evaluating The Impact of Training
 17. Marketing of Training Programmes
18. Ethics in Training
19. Micro-Facilitation

Advanced Masterclass in Consulting Certification and Accreditation

Table of Content

1. Developing Your Consulting Skills Analysis, Diagnosis, Problem Solving, Execution etc
2. Developing Knowledge of Consulting Tools Bench Marking, SWOTT, KPIS, CBA, RCA, Boston Matrix etc
3. Defining Your Consulting Brands Differentiation, Positioning, Brand Identity
4. Defining & Developing Consulting Business Model Revenue Models, Customers Niche, Value Proposition
5. Identifying & Developing Market Segment Creating New Markets, New Products, Blue Ocean, USP
6. Consulting Product Development Developing Consulting Solutions for Clients
7. Productizing Your Consulting Solutions Turning Your Solutions to Products
8. Consulting Marketing Mix Consulting Product, Price, Promotion, Place etc
9. Selling Your Consulting Service RFP, Cold Calling, Direct Briefing, Cross Selling, Up Selling
10. Securing Consulting Assignments Clients Expectations, Deliverables, Timeline Fee, Contracts
11. Managing Consulting Assignment Planning Project, Risk Management, and Quality Control
12. Managing Your Consulting Practice Structure, Systems, Process, Service Delivery, Revenue etc
13. The 21st Century Consultant and Trainer: Roles in Nation Building, Prospects and Challenges
14. Enhancing the Learning Organisation
15. The Relevance of Quality Assurance in Consulting, Training and Development
16. The Consultant, The Trainer, The Trainee and The Client Organization
17. Ethics in Consulting and Training
18. Learning Transfer in the Organization
19. Micro-Facilitation