Doctorate Programme

* Doctor of Strategic Management and Leadership Development
* Doctor of Business Administration

It is obvious that successful individuals, organizations and nations are managed and governed by top-notch professionals from various field of endeavor with updated top management and leadership skills.

Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor of Strategic Management and Leadership Development (DSMLD) Programmes is a hands-on grooming and learning process from industry experts.

You will be equipped to be the Obvious Choice in Organization Systems and Structure Development, High Performance, Productivity, Profitability, Global Competitiveness, Creativity, Innovation, Business and Employment Opportunities, Teamwork, Partnership, Collaboration, Strategy, Administration, Governance, Politics and more in our ever Competitive Brave New World as a Nation, an Organization, a Professional, a Change Agent, an Employee Champion and more in your Career across the following 12 Semesters (3 Months per semester); with over 300 short courses

Programme Content:

  1. Advanced Leadership @ 11 Courses
  2. Advanced Management @ 7 Courses
  3. Strategy @ 7 Courses
  4. Skills Development @ 60 Courses
  5. People Management (HCD&M) @ 55 Courses
  6. Organization Behaviour and Management @ 40 Courses
  7. Strategic Marketing @ 49 Courses
  8. Operations Management @ 57 Courses
  9. Financial Management @ 22 Courses
  10. Managerial Economics @ 9 Courses
  11. Public Office Administration @ 10 Courses
  12. Political Office Leadership @ 10 Courses

What Our Students Have to Say


I have learnt to think like an investor and to consider the target market first in any new and existing business. In addition, I have understood the importance of corporate governance and how to manage family businesses averting family issues that has affected family businesses and how to strategically bring in the children and siblings properly into any business that is nurtured by family members. I also gained how to create a simple cash flow projection and how to interpret one.
Dr. Anaesiuba Uzodimma Ndubuisi
medical graduate from the College of Medicine University of Lagos.
Fellow of the Health Insurance and Managed care Institute of Nigeria
What I have learnt from the school:

Within the duration of my studies, I have gained more understanding about practical management principles and techniques as applied to Personal business development. In fact, the programme has made me know the importance of a simple Business plan and Cash flow projections for a successful business performance.
Mr. Odey Joseph Anthony
GB Operation LEADWAY Assurance Nigeria
A Medical Doctor practicing for over 15years.Specialised on OBS & Gynecology. Zonal Coordinator Wise Health Services Limited south east zone. CEO Chineva Pharmaceutical Limited.

At Learn To Live Business school I have learnt a lot in business. The school has opened my brain to understand more on what it takes to be a successful business man and an entrepreneur.
Dr. Okpala, Valentine C.
(MBBS) UNIZIK. M.Sc. Public Health (London)
Learn To Live Business School is an eye opener to me and my business. A business i have managed for several years as one man show has gotten a new breath through restructuring, division of labour and cash flow in learnt here.
Obiora Sam Ogbodo
An accomplished Industrial Psychologist, a career/ political expertise, consummate businessman/farmer.
A motivational speaker per excellence and a above all, a seasoned preacher of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ from Enugu Nigeria