“Leadership defines what the future should look like, aligns people with that vision, and inspires them to make it happen despite the obstacles.” – John Kottler

The least is to equip yourself to become a strategic leader and managerial expert irrespective of your level of education or course of study; your ability to make sound business, economically attractive and financial decisions while working with people from different continents as a team or running your own organization will set you apart from competitors.

This programme will position you to be the obvious choice in every share of life, with hands-on knowledge, sound understanding of the business aspect of your course/profession/career/vocation, and equip you with job ready and global relevant skills.

As a matter of urgency, you need to prepare yourself as a global productive professional, fortified with future competitive capacities, ready for opportunities that will come your ways irrespective of location.

Course Outline

First Semester: Leadership and Management Skills Development

Table of Content

Middle-Level Management Development: An Overview

  1. The Making of Burj Al Arab -7 Star Hotel
  2. Personal Evaluation
  3.  Introduction to Leadership
  4.  Leadership-Skills
  5.  Management Skills
  6.  Leadership vs Management
  7.  Ethical Leadership
  8.  Loyalty above ability
  9.  Strategic-Management
  10.  Change Management
  11.  Assertiveness-Skills-Basics
  12. The Power of Feedback
  13. Brainstorming-Skills
  14.  Centralization-and-Decentralization
  15. Competency-Iceberg-Model
  16. Delegation of Authority
  17. Emotional-Intelligence
  18. Group Discussion Strategies
  19. Negotiation Skills Basics
  20. Persuasion-Skills-Basics
  21. Presentation-Skills
  22. Public Speaking for Success
    23. SWOT-Analysis
    24. Management Process
  23. Managing Organisational Dynamics
  24. Problem Solving and Decision-Making
  25. Effective Delegation and Authority
  26. Building High Performing Teams
  27. Change Management
  28. Communicating Effectively in the Workplace
  29. Budgeting and Budgetary Control
  30. Time and Stress Management
  31. Emotional Intelligence
  32. Policy Implementation and Challenges
  33. Revision and Examination


Second Semester: Human Capital and Career Development

Table of Content

1. Project Management Professional (PMP)
2. Health, Safety, Security and Environment 1,2,3&4 (HSSE 1,2,3&4)
3. Human Resource Management (HRM)
5. Office Administration
6. Report Writing
7. Business-Writing-Skills
8. Writing and Mastering-Art-of-Technical-Report
9. Writing-Effective-Minutes-of-Meeting
10. Writing-Proposals
11. Communications Basic & Strategy
12. Communication in Organizations
13. Total Quality Management (TQM)
14. Revision and Examination

Third Semester: Entrepreneurship, Business Structure, System Design and Development

Table of Content

1. Entrepreneurial-Skills and Business Design Thinking
2. System Designs, Development and Business Structure
3. Business Model and Revenue
4. Business Strategic Management
5. Customer Acquisition and Retention
6. Business Marketing and Sales
7. Financial Management and Revenue Model
8. Raising Capital For Start-Ups in Africa
9. Directory (List) of Business Investors with detailed Contacts

10. Vocational Education and Training; Level 1-4

Essential Business Development Templates for Hands-on Class

1) 250 Essential Business Documents and Templates
2) 100 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Templates
3) 90-Employee-Template-for-SMEs-in-Nigeria
4) 20 Important Interview Questions for Fresh Graduates
5) 20 Important Questions for Experienced Persons by Interviewer-Must-Ask
6) Bio-Data-Form
7) Daily-Time-Sheet-Template
8) Employee-Welcome-Pack-Checklist
9) Guarantor’s-Form
10) Interview-Evaluation-Form
11) Employment Application
12) Job-Offer-Letter
13) Letter-of-Appointment
14) Oath of Confidentiality
15) Non-Compete-Agreement
16) Non-Disclosure-Agreement
17) PEM Questionnaire
18) Reference
19) Undertaken
20) Payroll-Enrollment-Form
21) Self-Appraisal-Form
22) Staff-Induction-Checklist
23) Current Business Assessment Sheet
24) SWOT-Analysis-Ebook
25) General Job-Description Format, Job Description & Key Performance Indicators Templates