Master of Business Administration Programme

Master the Act of Business Development, Management, Administration, Operations, Developing Capacity for Wealth Creation and Building Trans-Generational Business Empire

Professionals from various field of endeavor with updated top management and leadership skills are in charge of the global economy through their various organizations.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programme gives you the applied opportunities to  Master the Act of Business Development, Management, Administration, Operations, Developing Capacity for Wealth Creation and Building Trans-Generational Business Empires

HCM & Office Admin Programme will walk you through the hiring process skills, equip you with skills to motivate, build a committed/high competence team, conduct appraisal, develop appropriate compensation and reward system. This course is a perfect launch into an HR & Office Admin career

Synopsis of MBA Programme:

1. Accounting 2. Finance 3. Marketing 4. Organizational Behaviour 5. Business History 6. Business Law 7. Economics 8. Entrepreneurship 9. Ethics and Social Responsibility 10. Operations Management 11. Quantitative and Qualitative Research and Analysis 12. Strategy 13. International Global Business 14. Business Planning

Course Content:


  1. The Entrepreneurial life
  2. Integrity, Ethics, and Social Entrepreneurship
  3. Starting a Small Business
  4. Franchises and Buyouts
  5. The Family Business
  6. The Business Plan: Visualizing the Dream
  7. The Marketing Plan
  8. The Organizational Plan: Teams, Legal Structures, Alliances, and Directors
  9. The Location Plan
  10. Understanding a Firm’s Financial Statements
  11. Forecasting Financial Requirements
  12. A Firm’s Sources of Financing
  13. Planning for the Harvest
  14. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Building Customer Relationships
  15. Product Development and Supply Chain Management
  16. Pricing and Credit Decisions
  17. Marketing, Selling Skills and Promotional Planning
  18. Global opportunities for Small Businesses
  19. Leadership and Professional Management
  20. Human Resources Management and Office Administration (HRM & Admin)
  21. Managing Business Operations
  22. Managing the Firm’s Assets
  23. Risk Management
  24. Project Management and HSE


  • Table of Contents
  • Approval page
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • The Market
  • Strategy and Implementation Analysis (Marketing Plan)
  • Production Plan
  • Business Operation
  • Organization and Management Structure
  • Business Legal, Regulatory and Environmental Framework
  • Financial Plan
  • Risk Analysis, Contingency and Exit Strategy
  • Other Considerations, Conclusion and Recommendations
  • Appendix and References

Practical MBA at Today’s Leading Companies

    1. The MBA Experience
    2. Accounting Principles
    3. The Principles of Economics
    4. Business Ethics
    5. Marketing Management
    6. Financial Management
    7. Operations Management
    8. Managing People
    9. Supply Chain Management
    10. Strategy: Defining and Developing Competitive Advantage
    11. System Development, Structure and Behaviour
    12. System and Us
    13. Creating Change in Systems and in Our Philosophy
    14. Financial Analysis and Firm Valuation
    15. Consumer Behaviour
    16. New Product Creation
    17. Entrepreneurship
    18. Emerging Markets and Development
    19. Enterprise Risk Management
    20. Leading from the Middle
    21. Managing Teams
    22. Enhancing Your Career with an MBA Non-Thesis


What Our Students Have to Say

Within the duration of study, I learned the importance of developing an entrepreneurial skills before venturing into developing a new business model. I also gained knowledge on strategic management and the steps to strategic management process, which has to do with Environmental Scanning, Strategy formulation, Strategy implementation and Strategy evaluation, and their impact in determining the result of a firm’s performance. Furthermore I have learnt practical principles and techniques in management that can be applied to personal business development. Most importantly I now understand what it means to develop cash flow projections with ease. Thank you LLBS for this opportunity to learn, re-learn and unlearn.
Arinze Udechukwu, ACIPM
LEADWAY Pension Zonal Coordinator Supervising Business Activities in most of the Eastern States in Nigeria
Learn to live business school is the right place when it comes to practical business skills. I really appreciate its sequential training approach beginning from developing an entrepreneurial mind set, feasibility study and business plan, business formation, growth and competitive strategies as well as setting up a good corporate governance structure. Your course is all round comprehensive covering both professional and academic aspects of business with specialize subjects in finance, accounting, economics, marketing, management, human resources. My learning outcome with you could be summarized as experience and exposure in business dealing. I really appreciate.
Uduak Jackson Ekanem (ACA)
Ag Bursar, Ritman University and Principal consultant- Silverpenny Consulting. A Chartered Accountant and a Forensic Accountant.
I have gained great knowledge and practical steps on how to strategically harness every opportunities in every area of my life.
Paschal Chibuzor Okenchi
Rev. Nnamdi Christian Igboechi is a Multifaceted and Multidimensional Genius. He is a Seasoned Leader, Human Resource, Family, Marital, Soul Winner, Community Manager and Urban Developer; working with Dominion City Church Worldwide at Enugu Dominion City Headquarters. He is a Counsellor, Mentor and Disciplinarian with interest in Personal Development, Public Speaking, and Youth Development with over 30 Years of Leadership Experience. I have learnt from learn to live business school: how to continuously develop skills and strategies in people management, in business administration, in strategic management and leadership development.
Rev. Igboechi Christian Nnamdi
Dominion City Church Worldwide at Enugu Dominion City Headquarters.