Modern Teaching Techniques and Methodologies

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Course Content:

  1. History of Education and Philosophy of the Modern School
  2. Professionalism in Modern School Setting
  3. Developing Exceptional Profiting Organizational Systems and Culture
  4. Effective Classroom Management Techniques in a 21st Century Learning Environment
  5. Teaching Methodology in a 21st Century Learning Environment
  6. Personal and Corporate Branding
  7. Basic Leadership Principles and Application
  8. Team Building and Team Dynamic
  9. Developing Quality and Good Phonics Skills 
  10. Meaning and Functions of Educational Planning
  11. Developmental Psychological and Process in Education
  12. Teaching Practice and General Methods in Education
  13. Principles of Curriculum Design and Development
  14. The Concepts of Test, Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation in Education    
  15. Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology of Education
  16. Micro – Teaching Practice
  17. Meaning and Characteristics of Learning & Language and Theories of Learning
  18. Research Methods in Education & Statistical Methods in Education
  19. Guidance and Counseling & Process and Strategies in Counseling
  20. Introduction to Educational Management
  21. Concept of School Inspection and Supervision
  22. The Concept and Scope of Comparative Education